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  • Hospitality In The Hospitality Industry

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    Hospitality is the relationship between the customer and the entertainer. The entertainer welcomes the customer and tries to make the person comfortable with altruism (Wikipedia, 2016). The hospitality industry has always been outstretched than the other industries. Unlike the other industries, this one targets on the guest gratification and tries to suit the comfort level of the guest. The main aim of this industry is to provide luxury to the customers (, 2016). The origin

  • The Hospitality Industry: An Introduction To The Hospitality Industry

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    OVERVIEW OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. Hospitality is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and other services for travelers and tourists also includes specifically. Tourism management, hotel management, event management, convention management and resort management are the aspects of hospitality industry

  • Hospitality Industry: The Evolution Of The Hospitality Industry

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    Evolution of hospitality industry Hospitality means receiving guest in a cordial manner. Its beginning can be traced from where lodging facilities were developed along the routes of Middle Eastern and caravan routes. Earlier the basic facilities were being provided by the traveller himself and in recent times all the facilities are being provided by the hotel. Rich diversity, culture, wellness opportunities along with ancient traditions make India a rich tourist destination. The countries whose GDP

  • Hospitality Industry

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    diversity of the hospitality industry (2016) defined hospitality as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest. (2016) also defined hospitality as the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guest and strangers in a warm, friendly and generous way. Current scope and diversity of the hospitality Industry Scope Size- The hospitality business is

  • Importance Of Hospitality System In Hospitality Industry

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    Hospitality industry is a combination of fields within the service industry such as accommodation; restaurants and bars; travel and tourism. The industry depends mainly on the availability of leisure time and disposable income . That is why, the major target of these businesses are tourists or wealthy citizens. The defining aspect of the hospitality industry is customer satisfaction. The word hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host, or an act, or practice of being hospitable

  • Competencies In The Hospitality Industry

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    The competencies required in the hospitality industry are very different when compared to educational institutions, and it has changed over time. Sapienza (1978) in his research states that the hospitality courses must include operations of the hotel, laws related to hospitality and security. Whereas Tas (1983) believed the following competencies to be essential in the hospitality industry: • Handling guest problems with proper understanding and sensitivity; • Maintaining standards in a professional

  • Challenges In The Hospitality Industry

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    the growth and challenges in Hospitality Service Industry for globalization. The first top issue that will be study is about the growth hospitality industry in Malaysia in term of hotel service. The hospitality service industry is fastest growing sector in Malaysia. To study about the growth hospitality industry, the key point should be identify is the factors that influence the growth of hospitality industry. The factors that influence of growth of hospitality industry include such as internal and

  • Hospitality Industry Challenges

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    4.0 CHALLENGES OF HOSPITALITY SERVICE INDUSTRY There are some challenges that facing in the hospitality service industry for globalization. This is challenges being of motivator to the hospitality industry to compete in the market. It is also most important to the hospitality industry to increase and develop of this sector. But, it will be problem to the hospitality service industry. The challenges that facing in the hospitality service industry will be discuss as below; 4.1 Human Resources Human

  • Roles Of The Hospitality Industry

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    AC 1.3 Assess the role of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies Introduction The hospitality industry is enforced under governing bodies that holds key policies so that similar sectors across the world may obey. Two international hospitality related organisations are: British Hospitality Association (BHA) and United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and two professional bodies are Institute of Hospitality and Jamaica Tourist Board. The BHA holds one of the most important

  • Hospitality Industry In India

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    The hospitality industry in India is one of the largest industries in the service sector. It is steadily growing at a CAGR of 10%. The industry has been a major employment generator and a substantial source of foreign exchange. Introduction The growth in the service sector in India is increasing at a tremendous rate (DATA) and with increase in global footprint, the tourism sector is also contributing significantly to the GDP and increasing the FOREX of the country (DATA). Venues of several scale

  • Challenges In Hospitality Industry

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    Introduction Tourism and hospitality is an important sector in the economy of many countries in a business perspective. Meanwhile, from the perspective of academic, hospitality management is an interdisciplinary field of old time, which focuses on many areas, such as management, strategic management, human behavior, organizational behavior, finance, revenue management, planning, and marketing. Hospitality is defined as comprises businesses that serve people that away from their home. According to

  • Importance Of Hospitality Management In Hospitality Industry

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    1.0 Introduction Hospitality industry has become increasingly important economically in Kenya 's society and is one of the largest employers in the country. The role of hospitality industry is to deliver products and services to customers. It consists of different sectors, including food and beverage, font office and customer care operations, accommodation and housekeeping operations, clubs and gaming. Hospitality industry offers a range of exciting and challenging long-term career opportunities

  • Turnover In Hospitality Industry

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    1.1 Introduction of the research proposal The hospitality industry is a human-capital oriented industry which means people element is crucial to product and service delivery in this industry. However, hospitality management faces a great deal of employee turnover issues (Bares, 2011), especially for generation Y (Gen Y) employees. There are some aspects affect the number of labor turnover rates, such as poor working conditions of hospitality industry and lack of opportunity for career development

  • Diversity In The Hospitality Industry

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    The characteristics of the hospitality industry are extremely dynamic and differ from other industries. In the United States and many other parts of the world, the predominant industry is transitioning from manufacturing to service. The hospitality industry is growing—the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the hospitality industry to add 17% in wage and salary employment, compared to the 14% for all other industries combined. The nature of the hospitality industry makes it very labor intensive

  • Technology In The Hospitality Industry

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    a. “I’m a big believer that technology should be used to aid hospitality service experience, not replace the hospitality service experience.” – Ron Swidler The Gettys Group, Service with a Smile: Why Hotels of the Future are High Touch, Not High Tech I agree with the quote mentioned by Ron Swidler who described himself as an enthusiastic early adopter of new technology. With that being said, I presumed that he has come across and experienced different types of hotel technology ranging from automated

  • International Hospitality Industry

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    increasingly insignificant, thus more and more industries are keen to participate in this fast expanding global market. Along with many service industries, the hospitality industry has also been a significant force in globalization over recent decades. This can be seen through the rapid growth of international hospitality companies, such as Hyatt, Hilton, Inter Continental and Accor. The international hospitality industry covers a range of free-standing hospitality businesses, and provides numerous venues

  • Essay On Hospitality Industry

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    CASINOS The hospitality industry which is also known as the service industry is an industry that basically serves and caters to the people around the world. A few examples of this industry could be theme parks, cruise liners, transportation, fine dining etc. This hospitality industry is at present one of the richest industries of the world and also comes under the fastest growing sectors in the globe. A unit of this industry like a restaurant or a fast food joint consists of many departments within

  • Concierge In Hospitality Industry

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    The focus of this research is to analyze whether should concierge always suggest hotels own service before suggesting competitors’ service? In Hospitality industry, is concierge service imperative in maintaining guest satisfaction and subsequent return to the hotel budget. According to concierges: they believe that technology helped them give better information and service. However, they felt that although guests have access to a great deal of information, most guests continue to rely on personal

  • Hospitality Industry Essay

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    cope with the threats, it is important to recognize the external environment for the industry. This part will use Porter’s Five Forces Model to make a deep understanding of the hotels and motels industry. With the following analysis about the industry, we can find the hotels and motels industry is still moderately attractive to start business. 1. Buyers’ Bargaining Power (Figure 1) The main buyers of the industry are the customers travelling for both leisure and business. The customers are numerous

  • The Economic Importance Of The Hospitality Industry

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    Introduction The hospitality industry is by far one of the largest sectors in the world. The hospitality industry covers a wide range of organizations offering food services and accommodation. Hotels, Motels and hostels are categorized as part of the lodging industry where accommodation and food services are both covered. History of Hospitality The hospitality industry go’s all the way back in the Colonial Period in the 1700’s. There has been a bit changes since then, the hospitality industry mastered