External Factors In The Hospitality Industry

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Every industry to include the hospitality industry is impacted by external factors which directly influence organizational behavior and decision making. There are numerous factors to be considered, but political, economic, and social are three of the most influential. These outside factors sway managerial operational decisions daily regarding personnel, spending, policy, and short-term and long-term strategic planning concerning both core and exterior operations. As within every industry, the hospitality industry has unmanageable elements that affect management or ownership of hospitality establishments (Lewis 2017). Understanding these factors is important because it provides an opportunity for contingency planning (Lewis, 2017). The elements cannot be controlled, their effects can be diminished with careful preparation and anticipation (Lewis, 2017). These external dynamics cannot be underestimated, overlooked, or avoided as laws, policy, and regulations change, the economy fluctuates and disposable income varies, and societal views continue to evolve around the globe. These external factors can be mitigated to limit their impact within an organization to some degree by comprehensive strategic forecasting and flexibility. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at some of the political factors impacting the hospitality industry. Governmental regulations and policy are the foundation for which industries and businesses operate. These directives not only impact

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