The Market As Prison By Lindblom Summary

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While some Americans blame the government for it being undemocratic, the elected officials have provided us with evidence that America is undemocratic. An ideal democracy is how the government puts the people’s interest before the businesses interest. In Lindblom’s story “The Market as Prison”, it introduces a mechanism called the automatic punishing recoil mechanism (APRM). This provides businesses to have a privileged position in society. For an example, if there is a community that has a plant near their neighborhood and they are polluting their water supply. Homeowners will notice that their water supply are polluted with the plant’s chemical. They will most likely take this up with their elected officials. Then congress gets an issue that a plant is polluting into a water supply and the people would like this business to fix this problem. Now congress has to decide if they should or should not regulate …show more content…

Board of education in 1954, focusing on the equal protection clause. Citizens depend on the constitution to make them feel safe and protected, but like Zinn said, “we risk our lives and liberties when we depend on that document to defend them. This is a bad idea that our democracy governs like this. One key fact that Zinn puts out is that the “1st amendment does not determine what we have a right to say and what we want, but it depends on if were courageous enough to speak up the risk of being jailed or fired”. People should not have to worry about losing their lives just because of the simple fact that they are standing up for their rights. If the government tried to put the interests of citizens before their own, and not allow the citizens to get punish for what rights are obligated for them then they will see by putting the people first will benefit America as a whole. In my opinion I feel that the constitution is a petty factor for determining the democracy of a government and the rights of the people in that

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