Business Analysis: Outrigger Hotels And Resorts

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1 What is Outrigger Hotels and Resorts’ strategic position? What are the firm’s Critical Success Factors (CSF)? Outrigger Hotels and Resorts are currently using geographical and product diversification strategy. The firm expend their firm around Pacific Ocean and diversify its product portfolio by adding condominiums resorts and OHANA hotels. Their strategic position is to provide a leisure experience for people who came to our hotel and enjoy the holiday. The firm’s CSF are strengthening electronic relationships with distributors, improving its trademark hospitality and customer service, better managing inventory yield, and better integrating its international properties were crucial stepping stones to the firm’s continued success. (Outrigger case 103&117) 2 How well are the current IS resource serving the needs of Outrigger Hotels and Resorts? …show more content…

As the system Stellex used for rooms, revenue and blocks management, (Outrigger 112). It lower Outrigger’s human cost by replace many of human’s job to the use of reservation system; increase the revenue due to the large amount of online reservation guests; and increase efficiency of the work. For the data and information resources part, they collect data down to individual guest folio for analysis, send thank you letters to recurring guests to improve their loyalty to Outrigger. The real-time wholesaler data they collected make a competitive advantage to increase the reservations from them. (Outrigger case 113&114) For the human resources part, Outrigger have 26 full time IS professionals who dealing with hardware support and software support. (Outrigger case 115) And provide on-the-job technology training to workers to help staff familiar with the IS. (Outrigger case P116) 3 What should be, in your opinion, the role of the IS function at Outrigger Hotels and

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