WGU Est1 Task 3

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Portfolio Kris Corporation has asked IT Consultants to draft a proposal to address a number of the concerns Kris Corporation has with its current network. Kris Corporation is running Server 2008, with a parent domain and a child domain. There is a concern that this current configuration is not the most efficient. Kris Corporation would like one identity to obtain orders in real time. Kris Corporation has five locations, and the manufacturing plants are in two sites. The main location is in Atlanta, but space is a real concern, therefore it will require as little server equipment as possible. Yet, Atlanta holds most of the IT staff, while other locations hold a smaller amount of IT staff. All of the locations are independently connected …show more content…

Kris Corporation is concerned that running multiple domains is not efficient. There are many new features in Server 2012 that will help Kris Corporation. Server 2012 Active Directory is easier to deploy than earlier options (Murphy, 2012). Administration has also been greatly improved in Server 2012 because of an easier to use graphical user interface with group policy health monitoring (Murphy, 2012). Group policy health monitoring will easily tell the administrator how the current group policies are working, aiding in the configuration of group policy (Murphy, 2012). Yet, one of the most beneficial features to Server 2012 for Kris Corporation is the ability to virtualize and clone domain controllers (Murphy, 2012). This feature will save Kris Corporation time, and money. It will be easy to deploy a cloned domain controller to multiple locations, and keep them in a virtualized environment saving on time, and money on hardware. Therefore, it is recommended that Kris Corporation move to Server 2012 on all servers. Further, it is recommended that each location has a virtual domain controller. Each domain controller should be a clone with the main domain controller being placed in Atlanta. The domain controller and all other servers, should be backed up nightly and placed on a

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