Qlt1 Task 3

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1. Statistical data was given to define the problem. That is the alarming number of children (9.8 millions) under 18 with no health insurance. (Sultz & Young, 2013, p.328). Also, the social, physical and academic problems children have to deal with because of lack of healthcare. 2. Despite having Medicaid and SCHIP, the uninsured children is very high despite many parents having a job. These parents are poor, but not poor enough to be eligible for the low-income insurance e.g. SCHIP, Medicaid. 1. In the introduction, I mention about children living in rural areas that had little access to health care. I could have been more forceful and convincing by providing available data/statistic to support the claim. Also, I needed to discuss it much more in the body of the paper because I considered this to be a very important issue. (Rosenblatt & Hart, 2000, p.1) 2. …show more content…

I think I could have provided more information on the Critique of Policy section to make it more persuasive. 1. The importance of using statistical data and reliable sources to define the problem. This allow the writer to be confident in his/her writing, also, the reader will believe the information more if he or she has data and reliable sources. 2. The importance of having a good introduction. Being able to hook or hold the reader attention with a great first line or sentence will hold the reader attention. 3. The ability to make the recommendations clear, specific and easy to

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