Paul Krugman Confronting Inequality Analysis

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Land of the free and equality for all; as nice as the model this may appear to be, truth be told it appears to be nothing more than a slogan. The fact of the matter is we live in a world that doesn 't follow these motos, the way people interact and view one another makes this hard to achieve. The reality that hold to be true today is that we are a large group of people ruled by a set few whom have large amounts of money; often, these people rarely act keeping in mind what good their actions can have over the people. Instead do what they believe to be the right thing for themselves solely working in the favor of their ever increasing wallet size, becoming completely dependent on the will of the dollar bill. In addition we to have systematically…show more content…
Since the early days of the, still relatively young, United States we have been facing a constant change in our standards of living; generally these standards increase as a whole. However, the change is not all that good as it may seem, sure today’s people have better access to various health facilities and are provided better education than in the past; and yet they are still faced with hardships. These hardships include but are not limited to, expenses of health insurance, school, housing, and food; while all of these commodities have become better the likelihood that all personnel have equal access to them is still just a thought. In his article Confronting Inequality Paul Krugman mentions how “...American children from low-income families are often uninsured,”(567). Despite being one of the top biggest countries both socially and economically the united states does not allow all children to have access to healthcare insurance; this is because instead their parents are focused trying to move their families to well built and proper family friendly environments in hope that their children will be able to lead on a better future furthering their education. To put it another way, the pursuit of a proper education has with it a hefty price to sometimes pay…show more content…
The cause of inequality ranges from a series of mediums form social status to gender and even race. While education is caked with large portions of inequality, the biggest play it remains shrouded from the public eye is in the very core of our government itself. To be more specific there is a constant rising unjust distribution of taxation going on in the government taking place amongst those who make outrageously high amounts of money. Krugman informs us regarding hedge fund managers, and how they basically receive a “unconscionable tax break” that “ these managers- some of whom make more than a billion dollars a year get to have most of their earnings taxed at the capital gains rate, which is only 15 percent, even as other high earners pay a 35 percent rate,”(568). Blatant tax evasion occurring right at the core of our own government, and perhaps depicts perhaps the biggest example of inequality in our country today. While the poor struggle to make it up the ladder the rich keep draining them dry, practically robbing the public of all the money they have saved up, all the while they continue to grow and skyrocket in revenue. The rich become richer and to poor become
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