1984 George Orwell Income Inequality Analysis

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“There is something profoundly wrong wrong when one family own more wealth the bottom 130 million Americans.” The United States of America has always had economic growth problems. Income Inequality is a big factor for this situation. We are currently in the 21st century and yet we have no improvement on income inequality. In 1984 by George Orwell the low income are the proles who are the incredulous of the story.Those whom are part of the inner party are constantly surveillanced and kept “wealthy”. 1984 is effective because the higher class gets privileges that the middle and low income don’t have. It also thrives to predict how the party and current government rises in power and the poor stay poor. Yet, it fails to accurately suggest that …show more content…

The middle class want to become rich and the low class only wants equality.”
Orwell’s predictions of the party, the government in modern society, rises to power and the poor stay poor. In LA Times “Income Inequality makes the rich more scrooge-like, study finds”, “Since the 1980’s -- the end of a 30-year period… wealth has grown increasingly concentrated at the top of the economic ladder, while low-income Americans have commanded a smaller and smaller share of the nation’s wealth.”
*add where quote is from* ”... top 5 percent of American families saw their real income increase 74.9 percent… the lowest-income fifth saw a decrease in real income of 12.1 percent… Sharply contrasting with the 1947-79 period… with the lowest income group actually seeing the largest gains.”
Based on a video of Wealth Inequality in America, “ The richest (1 percent) is now (2012) taking up almost a quarter (24%) of the national income home; in 1976 they took home only 9%; meaning their share of income has tripled between 30 years.”
*add where quote is from*“CEO’s of major corporations earn nearly 300 times more than an average worker.” How is it possible that a CEO earns multiple times more than a regular

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