In What College Mean To The Other America Analysis

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Abstract In Tweet Like an Egyptian, Kevin Clarke discussed how the internet have promoted a new way of communication and how it has positively influenced many people around the world. An internet-generated power is now on the rise and the society looks forward to its positive results. In the I’m so Totally, Digitally, Close to You that was authored by Clive Thompson, the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook and other social media are discussed, and it was claimed that social media is beneficial for the creation and maintenance of relationships. The article In What College Mean to the Other America written by Mike Rose reflected on the fact that there are marginalized groups in the United States and that the government should act in support of their needs for better and accessible education. The educational Sex Ed by Anna Quindlen was a discussion on the need for sex education among teenagers and the involvement of the parents in the education of …show more content…

The writer Michal Harrington once wrote about the young population who were marginally educated and suffered from social disadvantages such as the possibility of being displaced from a job and received a low pay. Such group as described still remain today, and the only difference is that they have increased in number. There is a need for the government to address this predicament, and President Obama suggested the implementation of a more innovative strategy. As presented, the solution to both the social and economic problems can be solved through new technologies and educational programs. Unfortunately, there are only a few initiatives that benefited the poor and low-income American families as the programs sponsored by private foundations are aimed at helping the more academically skilled. Further, the article discussed how there are programs resorted to by the government that are not

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