'Universal Pre-K: This Whole Thing Is A Scam'

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In the year 2013, President Barack Obama explained in his State of The Union Address that he would like to take the initiative to give every child the chance to have early on education. Despite many people agreeing that something should be done to help boost the education system in America, there were also argument that came up with this idea being presented. Some of these people argued that by going through with this idea, money would be taken away from taxpayers as well as the government. The supporters of this project state that by going through with this idea, this project could have outstanding effects on the children in their near future. The main driving factors that make these two sides so opposite is the targeted people that will be affected. In the Article “Universal Pre-K: “This Whole Thing is a Scam””, John …show more content…

In this article, Kristof’s main focus centers around the effects that it has on the children. Despite the first article keeping its argument away from how this could have effects on the children that will be affected, Kristof turns his argument away from the differences surrounding whether students enrolled in Head Start have different results than those enrolled in pre-k, he begins his argument by talking about the long term benefits that Head Start is proven to have. In his article, he explains that students that are enrolled in both, Head Start and Pre-k are statistically proven to have a higher chance of graduating as well as a higher chance of avoiding being placed in a prison system. By stating this argument, he clearly states that he believes that by allowing for universal cause, the long term benefits of the children will be more valuable than how much money people will be taxed for a short period of

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