Persuasive Essay On School Funding

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Public school funding

Increasing school funding is very important in today’s future American students. Education should be one of the top priorities in the United States to make sure every student has the same opportunity to get the same great education. Increasing public school funding be beneficial for outdated textbooks, lack of technology, and increases more resources for students. These resources would be crucial of generating students of America. These students are the workers, leaders, and inspirations of future America. There is a lot of benefits from increasing public school funding. Also, there are also negative aspects of this situation. “25% of taxpayers money goes to education” (policy basis , 5) .Taking more of tax payers money …show more content…

“This approach is bad economic policy and bad education policy. An unprecedented federal spending increase for education will not improve economic growth -- and past experience strongly suggests that this plan will not improve American educational performance” (lips 2). Increasing school funding the wring way can cause the economy a lot of money and may lead to huge budget cuts or even jobs lost. There is a lot of public school across America that are underfunded so trying to fund them would cost a lot of money. Increasing school funding is very risky because if the graduation rates don’t go up when students get older they would face the problem of being in debt and won’t know how to pay it off . School funding is also based on the school population size. Why should newer schools with high income students get to have a lot more resources then the other schools with low income students. Why is it that lower income schools aren’t given the same resources to help the students? These students with low income do have the same opportunity as the higher income new schools. A lot of those students don’t have access to internet or even have a ride for transportation. Increasing school funding may cost money but it would help the future of

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