Essay On Social Isolation

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People whom are on Social Media are twice as likely to feel isolated. As the internet has grown people are seeing it in different light. The name “Social Media” was give as these sites were to bring people together and make them more included in today’s society. Experts on the topic say that in certain areas it’s quite helpful, while others argue how it’s keeping the younger generation away from face to face socializing and making them far more isolated. People feel more inclined to share opinions about SM because of its high impact on today’s online age. The isolation people feel is partially due to the use of SM because of its accessibility, reliance upon, and the constant comparisons of the people to others. The accessibility to these sites makes it a necessity to those whom need to know what’s going on. The people who tend to be on SM more so than not are likely to have higher perceived social isolation (Bergand, 2017). The feeling of social isolation when higher can lead to certain mental health problems. Mental problems like depression, social anxiety, SM addiction, and jealousy. Along with the implementation of SM in classrooms as students would use Twitter or FaceBook as means of …show more content…

However, the facts show that the use of SM cause health drops and changes the closeness of relationships made prior(Rapaport, 2017). It’s been argued the SM helps people become more social via games while having 12% larger social networks(Sorensen, 2017). The reality is while people have larger social networks they are more likely not to know the people personally and they try to get more people because it makes them seem more important.The people in this actually feel more isolated for the fact they don’t know the people in their following or friends

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