The Importance Of Social Media On Society

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Today 's society is a network society. It is a product of the digital revolution and certain sociocultural changes, that occurred within these last twenty years. It is a society build around personal and organizational networks; that are based on digital communication by the use of the internet. Networks are international and know no frontiers. Furthermore, this brought forward new ways of communication, where people from every corner of the world are interconnected and make them reachable in every instant; thus, making the network society a global one. This results into " a dramatic increase in sociability, but a different kind of sociability, facilitated and dynamized by permanent connectivity and social networking on the web."(Castells, 2010) Therefore, the social network sites became the preferred platforms of all kinds of activities, both business and personal. Hence, this gave way to a virtual life, where people can be present every minute. In consequence, it makes them feel connected to each other, as part of a community. Obviously, this is not replacement of the physical world, instead it is a facilitation of real daily living; that influence our behavior immensely. Through the improvement of technology, we became reachable in an instant through the internet by the use of our mobiles, gadgets, emails, computers, television systems and more. All of these factors together are being integrated in our daily lives and it has a powerful social impact. New innovative

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