Aria And The Homeless Got, By Richard Rodriguez

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Human beings needs to connect with other people in order to function naturally in the society. Communities can be found in different backgrounds, cultures and countries around the world. Institution, families, social clubs and group that shares common interest are part of a community. Communities have resources to support each other and provide essentials for individuals to be successful in the society. Having stronger sense of community benefits the contemporary society; community provides support from others, guidance and less isolation to the individuals in the society. Community provides support for individuals, which helps one to become more well-off in the society. In the article, “Aria”, Richard Rodriguez shares his experience being …show more content…

Also, Social media exceedingly provides resources for individuals to get more involved and feel less public alienation in the society. In both articles, Aria and The Hungry Got food, The Homeless Got, the individuals in the community was involved with each other and felt more involved in the society. The author start going to the protest more and votunnteer his time to help the community. The family made each other feel involved by spending time together. The article “is Facebook making us lonely” by Stephen Marche argues that social media like Facebook can make individuals feel isolated, but social media can also be beneficial to the individuals to get more involved in the community if individuals use it correctly. The author states “If you use Facebook to communicate directly with other individuals-by using the “like” button, commenting on friends’ posts and so on- it can increase your social capital” (Marche 21). Social media helps individuals to keep up with their communities and be more involved. Furthermore, reflecting on my colleagues’ ideas about using social media to connect more with the community, one said Social media can help connect more with the communities that are not close by and can’t see the people in the community face-to-face. Social media is important part of a community that makes individual less isolated. Social media provides quick access to the communities. Individuals are more involved in the community by having the access to have conservations easily and can talk to the members of the community more

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