Is Facebook Making Us Lonely Analysis

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The article “Is Facebook Making us Lonely” presents the idea that the social media site Facebook which is to be used to connect with family and friends is actually making us feel more lonely. The author starts the article by presenting the story of Yvette Vickers. The story starts with how due to her seclusion no one noticed her death. It was only after time how the house was becoming unkempt that the neighbors finally looked in to find her body. After police searched through her phone records they found that she had been making calls not to family but fans met through the internet. This showed that her web of connections had grown broader but shallower. This translates to how yet we are more accessible due to social media we are actually more isolated than ever before. We can …show more content…

Depression feeds depression, its less of chance for someone that is happy with their lives to be lonely after logging on to Facebook than it is for someone who is doubting how happy they are. I personally do not agree with the authors opinion. Facebook and other social media websites are tools for people to connect and learn about others. It does not cause depressions but it can further depression due to people comparing themselves to other happier people. One does not simply feel lonely from seeing other people and connecting with them through the internet. It comes from many other factors in which Facebook can only strengthen once they are already there. From personally experience I know that even when one is feeling lonely that even then Facebook can still brighten up their day. With its plethora of people and topics there is a vast amount of information for one to explore and simply lose themselves in thought and exploration. It is a tool of connection and information not isolation and

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