Technology Makes People Feel Lonely Essay

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Technology affects almost every aspect in our life. Nowadays people use computers and smart phones in their personal social activities, business, education, medical care, politics and, most of all, in entertainment. Needless to say that technology makes our life easier and is the major reason that helps people develop, especially technically, but it certainly affects our life negatively from a social perspective leading people to feel lonely. You don’t have to be physically alone to feel lonely. Some people feel lonely even when they are in a surrounded by people or if they are in a crowded place. To feel lonely is to have an overwhelming feeling of being separate from those around you. It is a normal emotion and often a part of growing up, as things like moving out of home, going to a new school or any other changes can make us feel isolated (Merriam-Webster, 1831). However, I believe that excessive us of social networking is a main reason for being lonely due to less personal interactions. It is scary how people …show more content…

It helps people express their inner self. For example, some use technology because they don’t like to have direct contact with people, while others use it to increase their contacts. But this thing wouldn’t affect the peoples personality? They also say that, social media helps connect the physical distances with family and friends who live in another state and it is a bit difficult to stay in contact with relatives and friends without using technology because of the distance in between. But, does Skype substitute the intense feelings and sense of belonging experienced through human face to face interaction? Does social networking set foundation for trust? Do you think typing LOL on a keyboard, when you read a joke, gives you the same feeling if you hear it directly from companions and share the

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