The Pedestrian And The Veldt Comparison

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Nothing says “human nature” like love and individuality. Part of what makes humans unique is our species’ ability to show compassion and caring for our peers and surroundings. Many people, particularly older generations, believe that the overuse of social technology has ruined the appreciation that younger generations have for the world around them. In Ray Bradbury’s stories, “The Pedestrian” and “The Veldt”, he gives examples of how technology could ruin our affiliations to what would be considered human characteristics. In “The Pedestrian”, Bradbury describes a futuristic world in which no one socializes or takes walks because they are so consumed with their televisions with the exception of one man; in “The Veldt”, parents using advanced…show more content…
In the past few years humans have spent much more time indoors with their technology than outdoors. Televisions, computers, and smartphones tend to draw greater numbers of people inside their homes, just as humans did in the futuristic world of Leonard Mead where no one left their homes at night. (“The Pedestrian”). Children especially have been infected with the media bug, much like Peter and Wendy, who are unable to stray away from their virtual reality in “The Veldt”. It is understandable that many-particularly older- people believe that technology is affecting how human naturally interact with each other and their surroundings. Technology definitely is affecting how humans communicate and interact, but that does necessarily have to be a negative thing. For instance, the popular social media application Skype, has kept over 74 million people from around the globe connected with one another. Despite humans spending much more time with their devices, like in “The Pedestrian”, many are not using this time to mindlessly stare at the television. Skype is just one example that connects people who may be a long distance apart, but will still spend an average of 100 minutes a month (“Skype Company Statistics”) still keeping in touch with one another. While some do use their their screens to block out the people around them, a majority use their smart phones and computers to keep connected with their…show more content…
In fact, people are still able to bond using technology, it can help people to keep in touch, and it can be used to help people cherish what is important to them. As long as humans do not abuse it, electronics can simply be used as a new way to interact with one another. Unlike the outcomes of “The Veldt” and “The Pedestrian”, technology does not have to consume or ruin lives. People should encourage one another to use the modern items at their disposal without uninformed cynics claiming that they are living life

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