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Abigail Cook Professor Scovil English 201B 26 February, 2023 Fiction Response Essay Ray Bradbury is known for his powerful themes about growing technology, social criticisms, and societal relationships. Bradbury’s 1950 short story, “The Veldt” does not fall short of his meaningful writing style, exploring themes of family relationships, the hazards of growing technology, and cultural norms/ standards. Bradbury uses “The Veldt” to communicate the idea that advancements in technology have a strong relationship with mental health and our relationships with others, especially among children. We can see this illustration unfold as the story progresses, as the Veldt gains more and more power over the family. “The Veldt” beautifully illustrates how technology controls our emotions and our mental health. The name of the …show more content…

The parents have formed a dependency on their other technology, just like the children, with George saying, “I thought that’s why we bought this house, so we wouldn’t have to do anything?”(55). The two had a difficult time imagining a reality where they have to cook their own breakfast and clean their own house, but they could accept that idea. When the parents told Peter of their plans to lock “the nursery for even a few hours—the tantrum he threw! And Wendy too. They live for the nursery” (46). The children could not imagine spending a few short hours without their nursery, showing the dependency the children have formed to this device. A reality without the technology seems so difficult the kids go on to say, “it would be horrid” (165) and “That sounds dreadful”(163). Though the children and parents are both reliant on technology the parents have the maturity and rationality to know they can live without it. Similarly, overuse of modern technology can be dangerous for children as they can form a quick dependency on that

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