What Is Shame For My Mexican Heritage

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Growing up I felt shame for my Mexican heritage, teachers would tell me to speak in English and not in Spanish, specifically when I spoke in Spanish to my friends who had a difficult time speaking in English. Some of my Mexican classmates bullied me for being Chicano, Mexican heritage but American born. That motivated me to give it my all to learn how to read and write in Spanish and prove that I am not any lesser than they are and to prove that I understood my rights, after all, knowledge is power. As the years went by I realized that discrimination is not only confined to my education but instead followed me everywhere. Little by little I noticed people behaving in negative and threatening ways, most of all by people in positions of authority. Technology only served as an outlet to exacerbate my fears and add stress to my daily life.
"I never learned hate at home or shame. I had to go …show more content…

There is a thin line between fact and fiction, sometimes we forget to disconnect and provide some distance from our technology geared lives. These days it is hard to have a real conversation with someone else, whether it be at a restaurant or at home. "If there's a digital device nearby, chances are that one or both of you will be distracted or interrupted" (William Powers 85). I'm guilty of this, anywhere I go I take my phone out, check to see if I have any new notifications or just out of habit. "thoughtful people were realizing that, for personal well-being and happiness, it was necessary to restore some of that distance to everyday life (Powers 88). Now I make sure to keep my phone in my pocket when in situations where it would be disrespectful to have it out. "We're all driving our own chariots through chaos, struggling to reconcile the forces pulling at us from every direction" (Powers 91). Finding a balance away from technology can be a real struggle in my

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