Being A Child Of Immigrant Parents Essay

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Being a child of immigrant parents is not easy. You are constantly living in the fear that one day you’ll wake up and you parents won’t be there with you anymore. Specially now that we have a new president, things are getting more challenging. But don’t get me wrong, I live a happy life. I am proud to call myself a Latina. Being a child of immigrant parents has taught me so much. For example, being able to work hard for what you want. At school, I always strive to get A’s. My parent’s have taught me to never settle for anything less than a B. They know that in order for me to go to college and be successful, I not only have to get good grades but work hard to get there. I love a good challenge. Sometimes it’s not about the obstacles you face, …show more content…

I know how hard she works to give me an education and that’s why I value school and give it my all. Many privileged kids here in the U.S don’t take the opportunity many of us wish we had. For example, wealthy parents that can afford to pay college. I want to go to college because I want to give my parents a good future. Give back to them for all of their hard toil. Being a child of immigrant parents makes you appreciate life so much because everyday it’s an opportunity to be the best you can be to make everyone around you proud. My parents can’t got back to school and get an education so being able to see me succeed is worth their hard work. My parents have taught me to never give up. I know that some doors may be closed on me but that doesn’t mean other doors won’t open. I want to be someone who represents the Hispanic community. We are often pushed down because we come from a different country and the lack of English we speak. I want to show people that hispanics can go to college and get a degree and be successful. I know the road won’t be smooth but I know that at the end everything will be worth

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