My Immigrant Personal Statement

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My most rewarding accomplishment consists of my ability to overcome the fear and weakness that was conceived upon my arrival to the United States from Mexico, in addition to a newly evolved character which allowed me to achieve academic, professional, and personal success. Nearly seven years ago, my mother and I immigrated from a harsh economic climate in Mexico that was plagued with unemployment. Additionally, our family faced bankruptcy. While holding onto our faith, we left our hometown with only what we could carry and bought two one-way bus tickets. With nothing more than fear, two bags, and $50 in each of our pockets, we set out for what would be the most challenging journey of our lives. After leaving the only place we knew, we found …show more content…

It is through this knowledge that I have learned to overcome discrimination and the uncertainty of living in the shadows. I experience rejection and discrimination throughout the formative years when my character was being built, but that allowed me to become the person I am today. No more than a year ago, I thought all my hard work was in vain. My visa was about to expire and immigration denied me a renewal of my student visa due to my family’s low income level. Without any legal documentation stating I could be in this country, I was afraid I would not be able to continue my education or obtain a job in my desired field. In addition to this, I was constantly denied eligibility for scholarships due to my immigration status, and although I was given many opportunities to represent my school at national conventions, I was unable to attend for the same reason. Fortunately, I suddenly came to the realization that only obstacle preventing me from embarking on these scholastic and career opportunities was myself. It was then that I sought help and with the assistance of a few selfless individuals who took the time to walk me through the process, I

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