Personal Narrative Essay: From Immigration To America

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More than twelve million immigrants will make their first stop in America at Ellis Island Immigration station in the years ahead between 1892 and 1954, at least that's what we read. Who knew a small island in the New York Harbor would become my life saver ? I have waited for this day ever since I was just ten years old. I was thinking about the time when I first heard the news that we would be traveling to America when I was interrupted by a repetitive phrase. “Are you ready, Aria ?” my mother impatiently asks me as we finish packing our bags. “ Yes” I sigh. I am truly not ready for such a long awaited trip to be here just yet. I feel like there are so many things that I didn't get to do in Germany. “ we have to leave in twenty minutes if we are going to get there …show more content…

The old man next to me was a slightly plump, had long gray hair, and his eye seemed to have a red tint to it ,so I made sure not to have anymore contact than I already do with him. Because I am unaware of my surrounding a majority of the time, I kept nudging the old man when I went to stretch , easily forgetting he was there. He looked at me with a smile and said “ Little girl, I've been next to you for two days now , and I have learned something. It is now clear to me that you have the spacial awareness of a gnat. Now would you please stand still for just a little while longer ?” I laughed at replied with a “thank you “ and “ yes sir” . I was “cat-napping” when my mother awoke me. “ Aria look how beautiful America is. I cant wait to start our new lives !! I toss my head to the other side and feel the warm sunshine on my face. I crack one eye open and happen to notice the biggest piece of stone. People were shouting,“lookie there” “The Statue Of Liberty!!” I open both of my eyes before I even realize I did. A though crossed my mind in the midst of adoring the statue. “this is America. We have made

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