Scholarship Essay: My Migration To The United States

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At the age of____, I left everything behind in Armenia and migrated into the United States of America to start a new life. Even though I love my paternal land and do not forget where I come from, the fact that I could pursue a career and become a productive member of the society encouraged me to move to America. To my great misfortune, I was persecuted for being politically active in my own country and I could no longer fight with the authorities for violating my civil rights. I had the potential of facing more dangerous situations than I was already in at the time. I am my parent’s first child and they instilled their best efforts into providing the best education for me. They did not receive higher education and I was the first in my family. …show more content…

Even before applying for work, I enrolled in the local college and began taking ESL courses. I was amazed at the golden opportunities that this country offered its’ students. I often hear the citizens complain about tuition fees and transportation costs, but I considered myself fortunate when I compared the costs with the colleges and universities at my homeland. I soon learned that I could obtain financial aid to cover my tuition and receive grants. I was given every opportunity to thrive academically and, I was ready to embrace each one of them with great joy and pleasure. During three years of studying in LACC my goal was to obtain an AA degree then transfer to the University of Northridge or Cal State LA. I am majoring in Accounting and have a GPA of 3.91. I keep myself occupied by studying and working at LACC at the same time. The experience that I am obtaining working at an academic field is simply amazing because I interact with people of various education levels and work experiences. I live with my mother and sister who has two kids and help her to take care of them. I want to receive a higher education in order to be able to provide for my family’s needs and help my niece and nephew receive the best education there is. It is crucial to be educated in order to understand thoroughly the importance of

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