Essay On Illegal Immigration

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There are approximately 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States spawning from many different countries and continents. Illegal immigrants come to America to escape from many different kinds of mistreatment from their home country. When an individual moves they are often followed by others who are encouraged to find a better quality of life. Obtaining a citizenship is strenuously difficult to attain because of raised standards, language and education barriers, along with the fear of the United States government and society projecting bias towards immigrants. The feeling of being burdensome, unappreciated, and unintelligent due to the language barrier when communicating with others. Moving to America is difficult, but going through …show more content…

Finding secure quality jobs is also strenuous without a green card, most immigrants and refugees are known as maids, lunch ladies, janitors, landscapers, construction workers, and many more. These are the most stereotypically jobs for individuals who are illegal. Additionally being afraid to go to hospitals when being severally ill since doctors will not proceed to care if you’re not legal. Many refugees and immigrants that are exposed to violence, rape, or even torture do not know how to seek for help. Being afraid that if they do attract attention to themselves their secret will be exposed. Transportation is also difficult, acquiring a license, documented or not. For those who do not know how to speak english or have very little knowledge are to have a translator, but translators are hard to come by. The driver must be literate in order to pass the written exam. Standards have been raised tremendously for immigrants that are striving to obtain a visa. However the main goal for an immigrant with a dream is to be legal in America. The process of getting a visa is more complicated than it may seem. They’re many requirements needed to be passed in order to be eligible to receive a green card. The dismal of many refugees and immigrants being denied the opportunity to have a green card. Many people wait for months, even years, until they’re finally accepted. Foreign immigrants must obtain an immigrant visa if they desire to inhabit in the US

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