Overcoming Unocumented Immigrants In The United States

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The immigrants in the United States face multiple challenges when it comes to settling in. Many undocumented immigrants here today are not eligible for certain jobs and other government assistance, especially in Boston, which affects their lives tremendously. There are not as many programs, or resources that undocumented immigrants could turn to, and since we have a new president it makes it even harder for both undocumented and documented immigrants to live here in the United States. According to Andrea Billups, a freelance journalist, author and master’s graduate of the College, stated that “In Boston Massachusetts, there are about 150,000 undocumented immigrant residents as of October 2015.” This amount makes up 1.8 percent of Massachusetts's total population. This shows that these immigrants are living in Boston in unimaginable ways to survive. This city is filled with opportunities, but not many are for undocumented immigrants. If were eligible to those opportunities, they all would contribute even more to the Boston economy. …show more content…

The same complications occurs for documented immigrants as well in certain situations. Without these services, it’s challenging for immigrants to survive in the

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