What It Means To Be An American Essay

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What does it mean to be an American? It means different things to different people, as no one is the same. After all, we are given the right of free speech by the 1st Amendment. The criteria to be a real American is like a checklist. One first has to have citizenship of the U. S., second to be patriotic, and third to serve’s one country. Citizenship of the U.S. can be an easy thing to have and a hard thing to get. Just being born in U.S. makes you a immediate citizen, which is why so many people decide to immigrate from their original country to give their children a better life. Those that are not U.S. citizens have to go through a process called the naturalization process. It is tedious, with having to do an application, getting fingerprinted, doing an interview and tests, and saying an oath. That’s a lot more than just being born. Also, an immigrant has to do this in English, even if he/she only knows their country’s language. …show more content…

Everyone seems to agree that being patriotic means to have a deep love for their country. From members of the military to rednecks who love guns to environmentalists, anyone can be patriotic in their own way. The members of the military love their country by going to other countries and try to get them out of chaos. The rednecks who love guns love their country by defending it on every topic, even if they are in the wrong. Now that takes courage. The environmentalists love their country by saving its land and resources, both of which are essential. One has an instinctual urge to love and protect one’s

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