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What is America all about? What is America defined as? America is more than just its geographical boundaries. To everyone in the world, America stands for something. People believe in America. America is the place that seems to give opportunities and equal changes to all. They have more freedom than others (but not total freedom). America is a united people working together. I believe America is a place where all people have a chance to succeed in life. I also believe that in America people have the freedom to stand up for their beliefs and fight for them. Americans take for granted failing and the success that comes from it. We in America have the phrase, “If you do not succeed, try, try again!”. Most entrepreneurs fail four times before they succeed, according to a study done by Steven Rogers, a professor at Harvard. In America, people are taught to learn from their mistakes and do better next time. In America, there is most always a next time. In other places of the world, people are not as free to take entrepreneurial risks, such as in Germany or Brazil. People in America are not afraid of the future. They take these risks and believe in them. The CEOS of many companies come from outside of the …show more content…

People need to able to have strong beliefs and fight for them. People can succeed in life by fighting for what they believe in. Those in America have the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and more. People are given an opportunity to express themselves however they may choose. They are able to succeed in their personal life. People are able to practice any religion. They can have their beliefs accordingly. People are able to express their ideas and opinions through writing and speech. People are able to meet with one another and hold meetings. Americans are free to express themselves and believe in what they want to

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