Nike Equality Adisement Analysis

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When a person hears or sees the word America, what do they think? America is a country that almost everyone in the world knows about because there are certain words and phrases that can be used to describe it. Some common terms are sports, equality, the melting pot, powerful, freedom, hard working, and some more. All of these words make up what is known as the American Identity. This American Identity has been built up over time by people’s actions and thoughts. Many advertisements, TV shows, pictures, movies that use the American Identity to draw attention. One such advertisement comes from Nike and is called the equality ad. This advertisement uses some of these identities to express their point and connect it to a larger Identity. The Nike Equality advertisement portrays the American Identity of equality by using famous figures, battling stereotypes, and connecting to the Declaration of Independence. In this Nike advertisement, there are some famous athletes shown that are known all around the world. Two of the athletes shown are Lebron James and Serena Williams. Both these players are American heros and represent America all of the world, especially in the Olympics. In the advertisement, both players are shown standing on their courts with full looks of determination and …show more content…

LeBron James and Serena Williams are used to show how successful anyone can become with hard work. The Declaration of Independence can be applied to this advertisement because it is what America free, gives people certain rights, and states we are all created equal. The advertisement used a minority race to really capture the concept of everyone being equal. Common stereotypes of African Americans were twisted by Nike in a helpful way that further expressed their

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