Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike's Just Do It Slogans

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Nike and their Just Do it slogan is one that is very known throughout the world. Nike is a fortune 500 company. Nike is a major company in sporting products and has put a lot of time in developing the company reputation in reliable and good quality. Nike is very smart in marketing their products to the general public. They use all types of methods to get the company to attract consumers. Nike spend a lot of money on marketing and creating products. Nike has created products with high quality in almost every sport around the global. Nike boosted their credibility and reliability, by manipulated uses of Ethos, Logos and lastly Pathos. I selected nike's ad because it on TV commercials. Nike's logo and slogan catches people's attention. Just…show more content…
Ethos means convincing by the author. We tend to believe people whom we respect and look up to as role models. Persuading someone with their role model to buy the product. It like a endorsement deal with celebrity. Nike uses the most ethos to draw the age groups together to sell the product by signing endorsement deals with athletes. Nike uses a lot big star athletes in their advertising . Big name player like LeBron James, James Harden , Kevin Durant ,Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter. These athletes are world known people that the youth looks up to as role models. Nike creates a strong ethos by adding big name stars that are respected and look up to. The Audiences may look at Kobe Bryant's ad and see that arguably one of the best shooting guards in the NBA wears nike shoes. People are going to desire that same shoe or product. Nike creates a idea in the audiences mind to go get the shoe that the celebrity is wearing. Nike draws consumer in with role models. Nike ethos is very effective towards the…show more content…
Persuading by appealing to readers emotions. It depends on the language choice of affect to the audience's emotional response. Pathos can make the argument very strong. Many world class athletes have strength, focused on one goal and love is very common in sports today. Nike adds fuel to these emotions by adding ," just do it". It secures the athletes and give them trust and dedication to fight for their ultimate goal to achieve. Nike's ads are basic , but very effective. Nike's pathos is if you wear nike you don’t have to worry about anything; your in good hands ,the products will not fail you. It will help you strive for your goal you want to accomplish. All in all, nike is making advertisements that their products are the best and better than the competition. They want people to , when looking for sporting gears, see the brand of nike and instantly know that is quality and reliable products on the shelf. They used ethos ,pathos, and logos to boost their campaign in establish well known sporting product on worldwide platform. This is the way how nike has become so successful in its category. Nike is setting standards that other companies are following in sporting
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