Examples Of Ethos

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Ethos has to do with credibility and establishing a good relationship with the audience. This can also be expressed through your tone and confidence of the matter. If someone is more confident through his or her tone, it'll attract the reader to continue reading without questioning the validity of the argument. In my personal statement, I was telling a story that I have told others many times before to a variety of people. My tone remains subtle and informal so that the audience feels like we are having a conversation. This immediately builds a good relationship with the audience (which is also beneficial for establishing pathos), makes me trustworthy, and allows the audience to adapt to my character. In order to establish ethos, I immediately painted the picture of the accident scene and what was going on in my mind. …show more content…

This captivates the audience to continue reading because the pertinent information establishes the foundation for the following main points of the topic question. In addition to this, I established ethos because I seemed credible while talking about Roy's journey. By using relevant quotes from Roy, the police officer and my own personal thoughts, I incorporate the views of certain people that I encountered during my journey. These quotes are similar to the sources one would use when using a research paper. Using the “right sources” allows me to boost the establishment of ethos throughout the entire story. Finally, by stating that I am an “intern at a chiropractic office,” I show the audience that I am reliable source. I not only understand the basic principles of Roy’s treatment but I also have one on one time with some specific

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