Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike's Advertising

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It is not that simple to get 40 million viewers on a video in YouTube! Nike Sports Company made an astonishing advertisement that mixed the meanings of rhetoric with a sense of humor to make an advertisement that hooked the audience and filled them with inspiration. The smart use of logos, pathos, and ethos by showing actual people wining prizes, a commentary that motivate the commercial figures, and real professional players from different sports made the short video special and unique. The video demonstrates that it is only a blink of an eye between being born and becoming a champion, and that we can push our limits beyond expectations. The ad first star is the commenter; he starts the clip saying that a small baby will become a champion one day, then he motivates people who can barely do a …show more content…

The credibility of the ad comes from the world class known players in different sports like Neymar in soccer, Selena in Tennis, and Nyjah in skating. Consequently, the argument displayed by the company shows that humans are unlimited; all the opportunities for us to be the best in something are in front of us by hardworking and believing in ourselves. This way, Nike grabbed the hearts of inspired people who stood up for the call, and they will probably use their equipments to play their favorite sport. In my opinion, Nike “Unlimited You” was one of their best ads logically and reasonably; the numbers on YouTube show that this is their most viewed ad and it is one of their most recent as it was uploaded on Internet one month ago! Moreover, the infinite passion, the recognizable faces, and the glory of winning to ordinary people made what it takes to move the spirits of audience. Therefore, I believe the advertisement was effective

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