Rhetorical Analysis Of Colgate Advertisements

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Rhetorical Analysis of Colgate Advertisement Most people take care of their teeth, and in doing such, need to buy products to keep their teeth clean, and healthy. Advertisements for a toothpaste company need to be persuasive to their customers so they can keep the business. Color schemes, rhetoric, statistics, and even celebrity endorsements can all be used in advertisements to hook a customer on a product. Dental hygiene products are extremely important to some, and companies must be careful, and meticulous about how their merchandise is being portrayed. Prominent toothpaste producer, Colgate, describes their product as number one on the market. Their ad begins in an office setting, alternating between two women, both with perfect smiles, …show more content…

The first woman uses pathos by appealing to a feeling of disgust. She describes her plaque build-up as “fuzzy slippers on your teeth”, and uses this simile to illustrate her repulsion. The next woman also portrays pathos by invoking worry. She thought occasional gum bleeding was normal until talking to her dentist, where she learned that was the first sign of gingivitis. They both suggested switching to Colgate to minimize these problems. Near the end of the advert, it was expressed that their teeth felt good after using Colgate, and that it kept protecting teeth from a complete range of oral health problems for a full twelve hours. Lastly, it was pointed out that the product keeps its protection even after meals, which means you don’t have to brush after every meal like with some …show more content…

It shows before and after photos following testing of the product. The ad also tells us the toothpaste is clinically proven to reduce dental problems, showing us that it has been through clinical trials and is approved by the FDA. The commercial goes on to tell us that it is the only toothpaste that will reduce plaque by up to 98% and gingivitis by up to 88% along with being the only product to last for twelve hours. This advertisement broadcasts everyday issues that people have and just look at as normal then tells us the problems and how to fix them. They sell their specific brand of toothpaste as the best and then use the rhetorical appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos along with color schemes and word placement to convince you of their claims. Colgate instills people with an urgency to take care of their teeth and a confidence that their toothpaste will do the job better than any other

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