Bobbi Brown Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Flawless aesthetics is a goal that many individuals strive towards, women especially. In recent years, American society has been making efforts to subdue this trend. The revolutionary movement teaching individuals that they are beautiful in their own way is diminishing the negative attitude towards natural beauty. Through social media, celebrities and even cosmetic companies this mentality is being practiced around the globe. It convinces people that makeup and artificial alterations are not necessary, and current makeup trends reflect this approach. The beauty company, Bobbi Brown, plays off this trend in their recent advertisement. The advertisement, “Confidence is everything, but a little makeup can’t hurt,” uses the trend to their advantage by pulling the audience in and using marketing strategies to further sell their product. In the Bobbi Brown advertisment, Katie Holmes is centered radiating confidence and has eyes that draw the consumer further into the ad. Her makeup and lightly curled hair are kept natural in order to allow the reader to truly see the effects of the foundation. The neutral tones of the white background, clothing, and other makeup lure the attention …show more content…

The main rhetorical device is ethos. This is shown through the use of Katie Holmes; Holmes is an older actress who is practicing newer makeup techniques. This appeals to an older audience that has the money to afford this more expensive product because they see someone in their age group and can relate with her. Pathos is also used by making the audience second guess their appearance and wonder how other people see them. It makes the consumer think that this product is able to cover up their imperfections. The quote reinforces this because it makes one wonder if they could improve themselves. The quote’s goal is to make one feel as though they need this product to feel satisfied with their

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