Rhetorical Analysis Of Budweiser Clydesdale Ad

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In the 2013 Budweiser commercial, the company introduced a new feature to their already well known Clydesdale ads. The idea of an everyday American man enticed audiences of all kinds to direct their attention to their tv. The rhetorical effects of the Budweiser Clydesdale advertisement administer to the viewer's’ sympathy for family bonds by showing a loving relationship between man and horse. This connects the Budweiser brand with a positive feeling in the viewer’s mind; allowing the viewer to always favor their product when shopping for a perfect beer.
The commercial begins with a soothing song and an immediate introduction to the two main characters of the ad. Within the first twenty seconds of the advertisement, there is already a foundation …show more content…

The use of the man’s selected body language allows the audience to see how the man is feeling without ever having said a word. For instance, when the Clydesdale is taken away from the man, his persona changes completely and he begins to show a more slouched posture. Without using any verbal language at all, it is clear to see, through his body language, that the man is lonely without his companion. In the closing scene, the camera pans out to a wide view of the two best friends embracing in a long due reunion. As the music swells and the camera switches to this far away shot, it makes everything around them seem massive, yet the only thing they are focused on is each other.
The 2013 Budweiser Clydesdale commercial was the first time that people saw this new character as “the man”. When watching this ad, it is clear to see that the major focus was to grab the viewer’s attention by appealing to their sentimental emotions. The use of this advertisement during the super bowl gave Budweiser the recognition they would have otherwise never obtained. By using many rhetorical effects in their ad, the company was successful in grasping the audience’s attention and giving themselves a credible

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