Audience Essays

  • The Audience In Othello

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    time or location is to capture and hold the attention of their audience; this is what Shakespeare has clearly done. The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, is one of Shakespeare 's most renowned plays. Through construction of intriguing characters, exploration of universal themes, use of comic relief and a well-written script featuring a compelling plot, Shakespeare ensured the tragedy of Othello would hold the interest of the audience; despite being over four centuries old. It possesses so many

  • Target Audience Essay

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    Target Audience a. Primary Audience The primary audience will be the students of the University of the Philippines b. Secondary Audience The secondary audience will be the people outside the university 3. Output E. Media/Communication Plan • Exhibit To first set an exhibit at the University of the Philippines Baguio to showcase the

  • Audience Psychology In Communication

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    consumer psychology behind each successful communication tactics. Ye Minggui, the Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather, once wrote it in his book Brand’s Technique and Art. As a student majoring in Communication, I also realized that the insight of audience psychology, as one of the key strategies, is playing a more and more significant role in effective communication. With my ever-lasting interest in psychology study, I have developed a stronger desire to learn social psychology in communication. I

  • Mass Culture And Audience

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    Birmingham and The Frankfurt school of cultural studies. In the essay I will consider the differences between these two schools in relation to their approaches to culture and audience. In particular I will compare and contrast the works of key theorists such as Adorno and Stuart Hall in relation to their theories of mass culture and audience. I will also take due consideration as to how the historical and

  • Audience Conditioning Of Medea

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    writing of plays which are the theatre practice, physical conditions and the audience expectations of the time. The play ‘Medea’ was originally produced in 431 BC and came about due to Euripides following the custom of deriving source material from collections of tales that circulated informally around him in the forms of myths. In this case Euripides drew on the ancient legend of Jason and The Golden Fleece. The audience members would have been familiar with its general parameters and many of its

  • Swiffer Target Audience

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    personally, the Swiffer commercials stick in my head. I love how each ad has the same idea, but is portrayed from a different point of view. I feel as if Swiffer makes it their main focus to target everyone, not just one specific group. It’s target audience includes a wide range of people, no matter what age, race or geographical location. Which I find, makes it easier to relate. The first ad I chose (Link 1) is about a Man named Jerry and his son. From what I can tell in the commercial, Jerry is a

  • Imaginary Audience Essay

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    forms two types of thinking which is known as imaginary audience and personal fable. Imaginary audience is being over-conscious that there are people actually watching their every action, how they look. They feel as though their life is a stage and they are the main character with others around them watching as an audience although it is imaginary. They may engage in acts to seek attention from others due to their believe of the imaginary audience The personal fable thinking alludes to the immature feeling

  • Audience Analysis: Business Communication

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    Planning is the most important stage in creating effective business messages. There are three components of the planning process: Audience analysis, Idea development, and Message structuring. Audience analysis means to analyze the needs of your audience by taking into consideration the respondents feelings, thoughts, and actions. In addition, one must take into consideration how the message may impact the working relationship. Communicators who are effective in their approach take certain actions

  • Cafe Waiting Love Analysis

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    Usually, film directors use different elements to describe a story while audience seldom notice or neglect how directors use them. In this paper, Todorov 's narrative approach, Mise-en-scene and cinematography will be used to explain how structual and visual elements cooperate together to direct audience identification in one specific scene. Among the six required films, I am going to choose the Taiwanese film Cafe Waiting Love which illustrates different love stories around the main character

  • Film Editing In Film

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    will be focusing on are Psycho and Singin’ in the Rain. Both of these films are very different to each other and therefore use editing in varying ways in order to give the audience a different perception of the characters as well as the setting that these characters are involved in. Psycho focuses on building suspense for the audience throughout the film using editing, camera work and sound. This essay will be primarily focusing on editing with the discussion of camerawork where relevant. In the film

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lecturers

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    confidence and avoid anxiety” so as to shape the thoughts of audiences (Furnham and Petrova 2010, 145). What matters to a successful lecturer is not only what she or he speaks but also how she or he acts (Furnham and Petrova 2010, 138). Limbic brains of audiences are able to let themselves unconsciously be influenced by lecturers (Goman 2011, 18). Walking to the stages with confident facial expressions, keeping eye contacts with audiences, coming out of the stages, speaking with opening gestures and

  • The Importance Of Comedy In British Literature

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    Comedy is a sort of action or writing intended to emotionally connect to an audience. The message of comedy in literature directly pertains to the time period the work was written in. Comedies from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance were solely to connect audiences to the societal issues faced during that era. In British literature, the purpose of comedy or comic relief, was to lighten the audience’s mood and distract them from tragic matters at hand. In tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet, William

  • Steve Job: A Example Of Persuasive Speech

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    give up. 2. THE STRUCTURE To begin with, the simple structure of his speech created the scene in the mind of his audience. The first technique followed by Steve Jobs was story telling, by divide the whole speech into three simple parts, the stories, closing and conclusion managed to gain audience attention. By giving a clear and straightforward introduction he prepared the audience what the whole speech is all about from the beginning. “Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That

  • Moulin Rouge Analysis

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    Baz Luhrmann is rambunctious in terms of knowing how to get the audience to participate in a work that he is adapting. He achieves this through the use of his unique style of cinematic language. He does this through fastidious observation of Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet – each are different from each other in terms of which cinematic technique is highlighted. The 20th Century Fox logo is presented as the red curtains are drawn aside in the film Moulin Rouge. A tiny man stands

  • Persuasive Speech Essay

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    First and foremost, the speaker does gain the attention and interest of the audience. The speaker uses a sentence “Let’s talk dirty” to start the speech. It is effective to gain attention of the audience because it is brief and imply on the topic of the speech. Next, the speaker described something all the people had experienced to interest the audience in a story form. For example, “a few years ago, oddly enough, I needed the bathroom, and I found one, a public bathroom, and I went into the stall

  • Literary Analysis Of Trevor Noah's 'Surfing Aids'

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    monologue entitled, “Surfing Aids”, Noah is recounts an interaction he had with a young woman that boasts all the elements of Noah’s specific type of informal lighthearted humor. Noah, a self-designated “outsider” to America, gains the acceptance of the audience through his wry mockery of offensive American culture in order to clear up ethnic misconceptions about foreigners from a perspective that is neither accusatory nor blaming but refuses to be silenced. The set up into the story sets the tone for

  • Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis

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    (MIP) In this book, the readers can clearly see that people have a loss of emotions.(SIP) This meme is trying to tell the audience to resist using their technology so they don’t lose their emotions like the characters in Bradbury’s novel. (STEWE-1) The main character Montag meets a young girl named Clarisse.They immediately become fond of each other and start to have many conversations. Just as they were getting to know each other, Montag finds out that Clarisse has died. When he starts to talk about

  • Narrative Structure Of Memento

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    Close Analysis – Memento Memento (2000) has been purposefully edited in reverse order, to complement the character of Leonard Shelby and emphasize the film’s unique non-linear narrative structure. The audience is further enabled to observe the film through the perspective of Leonard: fragmented and out of order. The distinctive editing patterns used in the film, in its temporal structure for example, reflect Leonard’s thought process and way of organizing what he knows. His method to piece all of

  • Desire In A Streetcar Named Desire

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    directions allow the audience to understand the body language of the characters, and as Stanley “heaves the package at her”, they notice his animal-like nature because when heaving, it is a considered to be an aggressive act. The authority Stanley has over Stella is further exemplified as Stella is constantly referred to as “her”, demonstrating her inferiority and relating back to the underlying genre of the play, alpha-male. His presence is primarily there to remind the audience of the theme, as Stanley

  • Steven Jobs Speech: You Ve Got To Find What You Love

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    stories about him to make it easier for the audience to understand what he exactly means, and ends up with one meaningful sentence “Stay Hungry, stay foolish”, which comes from his favorite book. He attempts to use this sentence to urge himself to keep curious and humble, and