Audience Essays

  • Contextual Audience Analysis Audience

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    The audience analysis studies the audience along three primary dimensions: 1. Demographic Analysis Who is in your audience? What are their individual and group characteristics? The aim of demographic audience analysis is to discover whom you are speaking to. 2. Contextual Analysis When and where are you presenting? Why is this audience listening to you? The aim of contextual audience analysis is to discover how the speaking event itself may influence your audience’s state of mind. In some ways, this

  • Is Fahrenheit 451 Similar To The Audience Of The Movie Wall-E

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    The audience in the novel Fahrenheit 451 and the audience in the animated movie Wall-E have both similarities and differences. This can be shown by dissecting the audience into three parts; age group, accessibility and the background of the audience. Wall-E has a considerably larger audience when looking at the age group. Wall-E appeals to children and to adults. Children take an interest in Wall-E due to the way in which it is presented. Children enjoy watching the journey of the cute characters

  • The Audience In Othello

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    time or location is to capture and hold the attention of their audience; this is what Shakespeare has clearly done. The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, is one of Shakespeare 's most renowned plays. Through construction of intriguing characters, exploration of universal themes, use of comic relief and a well-written script featuring a compelling plot, Shakespeare ensured the tragedy of Othello would hold the interest of the audience; despite being over four centuries old. It possesses so many

  • Theories Of Audience Labour

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    Audience labour Introduction The Canadian scholar Dallas.W. Smythe presented the audience commodity theory in his book Communications: Blindspot of Western Marxism (1977). The demand of advertised goods is created by audience labour, and this is the purposes of monopoly capitalism advertisers. Time away from work, but not asleep is sold as a commodity to advertisers. This is the audience commodity, which perform marketing functions and work at the production and reproduction of labour power. There

  • Clorox Target Audience

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    not because getting the younger crowd into the product, but because they have not launched a new product in so many years that they need to catch up with current marketing techniques. Some of the research questions that will be asked to the target audience will include; how often do you clean where you live? How much would you be

  • Edwards Puritan Audience

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    pastors persuade their audience to behave in a spiritual or more fashion. Such is the case in Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the hands of an Angry God” where he sends sinners to hell, who do not repent. Edwards wanted to impact his audience by appealing to their fears, pity and vanity. Edwards had a powerful impact on his puritan audience because of his use of a cautionary tone, clear imagery and complex figurative language. Foremost, Edwards has a powerful impact on his puritan audience because of his use

  • Gatorade Target Audience

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    Now that I know what my competitors use to successfully target their audiences, I can use a mixture of strategies from Coke, Powerade and Vitaminwater to help Gatorade gain a bigger market following, and create a revamped online presence that will help them become the number one drink that all consumers can enjoy alongside any activity that they do. The target audience that I will use for Gatorade is everyone, but the targeting strategy will have a primary focus on consumers that love fitness and

  • Nat Geo Target Audience

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    well-known magazines in the world. Although many may find the magazine recognizable, National Geographic has a target audience in mind when designing every aspect of the magazine. A careful observation of the October 2015 issue of National Geographic reveals a snapshot of the audience that the magazine intends to reach: wealthy, older, well-educated liberals. The wealth of the Nat Geo audience is clear from the moment one touches an issue and glances at the cover. The tooth of the paper, glossy and smooth

  • Kafka's Metamorphosis Audience Analysis

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    different type of audience. The audience may vary from those who already read the story, those who will be motivated to read Kafka, and lastly those who will read the retelling only. To know the reason why the audience is attracted to the investigator one might say has to look at the aspects and the excitement around oneself. The factors the type of audience that read the retellings are age, society, and personal preference. First off, society might like to compare the audience who are motivated

  • Kellogg's Target Audience Analysis

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    In a marketing communications strategy the first objective is to identify the target audience. In the case of Kellogg’s they have two main audiences, the purchaser who is the parents and the influencer who is the children. Kellogg’s tend to have specific target audiences for each of their products. For example, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes targets families, Kellogg’s Special K targets women and/or health conscious women and Kellogg’s

  • Fruit Smoothie Target Audience

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    where smoothie bars are lacking. Given the market availability and the potential profitability a smoothie bar can offer, now is the perfect time for me to make my dreams of having my own smoothie company, No Fuss Smoothies, a reality. My target audience is the middle and upper class health conscious individual age 36 up. According to Daily Mail online newspaper, 36 is the age most people begin to think more about their health. That is the age, according to a study, that we start to become aware

  • Ravi Zacharias Target Audience

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    invested into their own personal ideology of the world. Zacharias however, uses a persuasion technique in his media that he uses to combat this challenge. The approach he uses to persuade his audience is through the principle of identification. Identification helps in the persuasion process because the audience is seeking “connections with others that resonance with their ideas or experiences” (Woodward, Denton 154). This is theory is stating that an individual wants to see themselves in the speaker

  • Starbucks Target Audience Analysis

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    In order to formulate an effective ad, the target audience must always be defined and understood. Starbucks Coffee’s target audience is families with young children. There are several factors involved in determining the target audience, and that is demographic, geographic, psychographic, and consumer insights. Firstly, there are several demographic variables that are taken into account. Starbucks’ target audience is not gender-specific as it included both males and females. The age bracket for adults

  • Dexter: The Media Response

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    response from its audience. The key concept under investigation is the audience, in relation to the ways that they’re impacted. For this I will explore my chosen concepts in conjunction with the media text itself, followed by a conclusion to summarise my argument. An audience can be defined as anyone who receives a media text in any aspect of time or place; however this can be further investigated and categorised into three identified groups; simple, mass or diffused audiences (Abercrombie and Longhurst

  • Singin In The Rain Editing Analysis

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    will be focusing on are Psycho and Singin’ in the Rain. Both of these films are very different to each other and therefore use editing in varying ways in order to give the audience a different perception of the characters as well as the setting that these characters are involved in. Psycho focuses on building suspense for the audience throughout the film using editing, camera work and sound. This essay will be primarily focusing on editing with the discussion of camerawork where relevant. In the film

  • An Analysis Of I Ve Been To The Mountain Top, By Dr. Martin Luther King

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    word-for-word speech. Instead, many speakers are often well prepared by practicing their speeches; becoming familiarized with the expression and ideas incorporated. A good speaker will think about a way their speech can convey, persuade, motivate the audience. Three notable speakers who are known for giving great and powerful speakers are: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, and Sir Ken Robinson. A day before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave a speech entitled “I’ve Been to the

  • Gallipoli Diaries Analysis

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    utilizes the One Person Show format and highlights the impact of World War One through the experiences of one Australian family. The one person show genre is defined as, “… A solo performance, featuring a comedian or actor on stage and entertains an audience.” (Wikipedia, 2015) and is a genre where the actor commonly breaks the fourth wall. The Gallipoli Diaries questions Australia’s involvement in the World War One and is highly effective in representing a wide array of political and social issues central

  • Steve Jobs: An Example of Persuasive Speech

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    give up. 2. THE STRUCTURE To begin with, the simple structure of his speech created the scene in the mind of his audience. The first technique followed by Steve Jobs was story telling, by divide the whole speech into three simple parts, the stories, closing and conclusion managed to gain audience attention. By giving a clear and straightforward introduction he prepared the audience what the whole speech is all about from the beginning. “Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That

  • Themes In Groundhog Day

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    denied, comedic films can also dabble in providing something more than just superficiality for the audience. Specifically, in Groundhog Day, the film can be analyzed and “unpacked” for an audience to realize themes and lessons just as intricately interweaved with the plot as dramatic films. Although not reaching the artistic caliber that dramas attempt to achieve, comedies can also teach audiences about their own emotional reality, just through more straightforward terms. Groundhog Day serves as

  • Example Of A Satire Analysis

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    comfortable so i 'm going to talk about Jesus.” That joke definitely broke the ice, Jimmy uses set-ups, “act-outs,” and frequent “toppers.” to get his audience to laugh. Is religion a good topic to make fun of or would people get highly offended. Jimmy warms up the audience with his effective use of set-up. A good set-up is short and sweet,but the audience has to understand it, and includes a little humor to get folks laughing and “warmed up” for the first punch line. Jimmy does an excellent job with