Business World Of Writing An Audience Analysis

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y to fluctuate based on its audience, the message, and the situation it is based off of (p. 100). A manager that is presenting to his own employees will have a different tone than if he was speaking to corporate leadership or to customers of the customers. Likewise tone will differ from a disciplinary aspect in business or praising a group on a job well done for achieving a business goal because the point of the audience has changed.
The audience for academic writing is the instructor who evaluates the student’s work and returns written work with a grade that reveals how well the student did their work. What the instructor looks for in grading a student’s academic writing includes the structure of the piece, how well the student explained …show more content…

There is no one way to a business style of writing because there are multiple ways of writing in which the knowledge to do so is gained overtime with experience. A business style of writing can start with a simple resume. An applicant will use business terms that explains how they are qualified for an audience in which this case is a hiring manager. Business writers will usually write their material for a very large audience and the content of the writing could be expected to meet the different needs and interests of the audience. For example let’s say the training manager of a company wants to overhaul and improve their department but will only be to with the approval from management and the investments of company stakeholders. That training manager will have write business proposals explaining how their own solution will be beneficial to the company and that the support needed for such a large project will be worth it to the company in the long …show more content…

A professor usually desires one inch margins, double spacing, and a twelve point font (Vásquez, 2013). In academic writing there is no real concern to how the formatting stands out or catches the eye of the audience because the point of the audience is to read and understand what the author is trying to say. In the business world formatting is on a whole another level. The content of the business writing can be very dry, non-entertaining and can also be meant to just be skimmed through (Vásquez, 2013).
Visuals are a key factor in business writing. Illustrations and colors may be emphasized in the writing to grab the attention of the audience to convey or sway them in the authors favor. This could be for business deals, additional fundhere is a reason behind the writing and it is associated with an organizational goal. That is why a market evident with the use of colors and visuals for their

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