Importance Of Formality In Academic Writing

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There has been an assumption that academic writing is getting to be less formal as it is expected by many institutions. The informality in written work has become a standard thing in most public domains. With close observation, writers have literary shifted from the normal standards of writing and styles of writing that are impersonal. However, the assumption has not been examined in the recent past. In this paper, the issue is explored, and a trial is made in ascertaining whether less formality is being associated with academic writing. If it is a true assumption, then the paper looks at how it has come to be and in which particular disciplines. Typically, the informal writing was once much spread to spoken and written domains has also spread…show more content…
Formal writing is taken to be a serious one without notations of relaxed and friendly language. According to (Heylighen and Dewaele 41) a formal style is usually characterized by accuracy, rigidity, detachment, and heaviness. This is in contrast to informal writing which is, on the other hand, direct, flexible, implicit and involved though less informative. Formality in Academic writing is highly regarded for it helps in evading misinterpretation and ambiguity in the resulting work. Formality is associated with some concept such as colloquial language (Hundt and Mair 223).such is a language that is used in day to day activities by ordinary people. In the use of colloquial language, writers will try to connect with their readers. However, the latter does not end in narrowing the gap between conversation and academic…show more content…
In contrast to that, various examples have legitimized the use of first-person pronouns in English academic writing. Also, second person pronouns remarkably demonstrate the presence of informality in any given piece of academic writing. The second person pronouns create much of a conversation than the unintended academic writing (Biber et al. 32).this is ideally because it evokes interactional skills. In some cases, writers may use the second person pronoun with a semantic reference that is wider, concerning people in general. The analysis shows that use of the second person has grown by about 24% over the past fifty years. There has been reduced use of second person field of sociology, but a remarkable increase is noted in

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