Leonard Pitts Rhetorical Analysis

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Everyone wants the truth and with Leonard Pitts Jr. you get it. Pitts writes for the Miami Herald daily newspaper in southern Florida. His style is very unique in all of his writings, and different from other authors. Pitts mostly focuses on the outbreak of the daily news. For instance, Don’t Lower The Bar on Education Standards is strictly states lowering the bar will not fix anything it will only decrease the standards. Pitts uses his viewpoint has a black male so it is more personal for him. Or Pitts’ article Torture Might Work, but that’s not the Issue is about the morals and the authority of torture. Pitts most frequent article is Trump Has a Way With Words--and it’s Not a Good One. Comparing Trump to past presidents also conveying a message that trump is lowering the expectations for future presidents. Throughout the three articles Pitts used these stylistic methods: colloquial, pathos, real life scenarios, and powerful closing sentence. To begin, Pitts uses colloquial in all three of the articles. Using colloquial or informal language gives a conversational tone to the articles it also makes the reader feel more comfortable with the author. For example, in Don 't Lower the Bar on Education-- “So I’m in college, right?” Pitts is asking the rhetorical question as if he was there talking to the reader. This informality style of writing lifts the stress of the reader as if it’s a regular conversation. Another illustration of colloquial language is found in Torture Might

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