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After reading the first chapter, writing with Style, from “Thinking Well”, by John R. Trimble, he made it seem as if he was writing about my writing when he explained a novice writer. Trimble explains how a novice writer would write by giving examples of how their style of writing looks like. For example, Trimble explains how new writers unconsciously write and how they are not aware of their egocentrism. He states what a novice would have to achieve objectivity, empathy, courtesy and social sensitivity in order for him to have a readable style. Trimble then discusses what makes a veteran writer and how their thinking process reflects their writing situation. He lists four fundamentals that would help win the readers and the only way to win readers is by courteously serving them with their satisfying needs. There are five ways to serve the readers needs: Phrase your thoughts, speak to the point, anticipate their reactions, offer them variety and talk to them in warm manner. I found everything that he had to say about a beginner and veteran particularly true. From my personal experience, Trimble makes …show more content…

This chapter can help young writers in English class with their papers in many different ways. For instance, Trimble gives examples on what a veteran writer does in order to make their writing interesting. He also gives out techniques on how you can get a reader’s attention or how you can fix your writing to make it readable instead of having nonsense. What makes this difficult for me as a writer is that I write what ever comes to my mind and it will not make sense. Another thing that makes it difficult for me as a writer is that I am not good at getting the readers attention and having him hooked on to my work. This is how this chapter could help me in English class and how it can make it difficult for for others, including myself

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