Analysis Of 'The Devil In The White City'

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Jessica Chan Summer Assignment The Devil in the White City (1) Copy a short passage that you found to be interesting and explain why you found it interesting/why it is an example of good writing. “Later he recalled, ‘I told her I thought he was a bad lot and that she had better have little to do with him and get away from him as soon as possible.’ For the time being, at least, she ignored his advice” (Larson 164). The short passage given was when Ned Conner returned to discuss a mortgage problem with Henry H, Holmes. Conner used to live in Holmes’s building to work at the jewelry counter at Holmes’s pharmacy. He had a terrible history with Holmes, since Holmes seduced both Conner’s wife Julia and his sister Gertrude. In the quote, Conner claimed that he warned Emeline, Holmes’s stenographer, to stay away from Holmes. However, she refused to follow his warning. I found this short passage to be interesting because of how …show more content…

For example, Holmes clearly had different sides to him. He would approach women as a gentleman in the beginning. However, once Holmes got bored of them, he either left them or murdered them. The same concept applies to the 1893 Chicago World Fair. One can look at the perspective of the tourists of the fair, while another can look at the perspective of the creators of the fair. Olmsted, one of the creators of the fair, went through a lot for the fair’s success. “His insomnia and pain, the crushing workload, and his mounting frustration all tore at his spirit until by the end of March he felt himself on the verge of physical and emotional collapse” (Larson 169). John Root died of pneumonia before the fair started construction. Burnham had to continue on without the companionship of his partner. Larson’s readers also realize the positive and negative aspects about the fair. The fair posed as inspiration for people while it also was corrupted by people like

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