Lebroon Rhetorical Devices

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Basketball fans come from all walks of life flocking to their television sets as the game flashes on the screen. They ignore real life for those two hours to bask in the glory of their favorite players. LeBron James being the basketball superstar he is knows his audience and uses that to his advantage while writing his article for sports illustrated. LeBron used syntax and diction specific to his fan base to capture attention and create a believable piece of writing.
James’ ego shines through his enticing words in the conclusion of his writing. He says, “ I have the responsibility to lead, in more way than one, and I take that very seriously” and “My presence makes a difference in Miami, but I think I can mean more where I’m from”. LeBron …show more content…

Slang solidifies my accusation of a target on the ordinary person. Short sentences catch the reader’s attention and make it easy to read. “I loved becoming a big bro to Rio,” is an example of slang and it happens to rhyme. The end paragraphs, each consisting of two to three sentences, make a memorable statement. Furthermore, the reader needs to have basic knowledge of basketball because of names mentioned (Erik Spoelstra, CB, Varejao) and terms such as boys and girls club. Names show familiarity. They show that LeBron had connections and friends. Italics show thoughts. “He and Erik Spoelstra didn't get along… He and Riles didn't get along...The Heat couldn't put the right team together.” They also stand out to the reader.
Imagery also plays a large role in LeBron's credibility. He paints amazing pictures of his childhood. In paragraph one LeBron James states, “I was a kid from Northeast Ohio. It’s where I walked. It’s where I ran. It's where I cried. It's where I bled.” He uses short sentences and repetition for effectiveness. It created pathos. The reader feels sentimental for the child they have created in their

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