Are Athletes A Bad Role Model

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It is a great idea to have a role model but sometimes they are not who you think they are. I disagreed with some of the writers facts only because everyone makes mistakes. An athlete shouldn’t be considered a bad role model for making a few bad choices. There are many reasons to have an athlete as a role model even though have made wrongful decision in their careers. Smoll states “The term role model is defined as “a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially younger people” (Frank L. Smoll, 2015). There are many great athletes that want to be great role models and try to be the best person/player they can. Not all athletes can change the background of their families or what their past is. Many …show more content…

Lebron shouldn’t be considered a bad role model because he left his city. He was young when he left and even told the media he had to go and find himself. Lebron donated over 40 million dollars to help send kids to college and to help them start a life. "By returning to Cleveland for unfinished business, James can be a hero for a city sorely lacking in star power in recent years"(Anthony Ricobonno, 2015). Lebron is one the greatest athletes of all time he has earned his right to be a role model. Barry Bonds for sure didn’t hit that many homeruns because he took steroids. I am not saying that what he did was wrong but he is still an all-time great player. Not all athletes have made great choices in life but a lot are still considered legends of the game. There have been certain athletes that have always had it rough and made a lot of bad decisions. When an

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