Pat Summitt's Influence In College Sports

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The influence of one person passed on to another is inevitable when it comes to life, but even more unavoidable when it extends to sports. College sports in fact have an impact on a mass majority of people, from spectators to players, these endeavors create hopes and dreams for any individual. Not only that, any heart strung story coming from sports gets plastered on media outlets so a greater population of people can also be influenced by a game, but I want to go further than that. Personally, I believe there is a greater meaning behind sports than for it just to be a pastime. There is a reason that the superior divisions of athletics are harder to reach than decades before because of the higher levels of knowledge that continue to be passed down from great coaches to greater players in a never ending cycle. This tradition seems to be secluded when it comes to women’s events, collegiate basketball for example. Most sports fans overlook the magic that happens behind the scenes of a woman 's game. The same beloved magic …show more content…

Within thirty-eight seasons of coaching, her players made their impact around the world due to her prominent influence. She held a standard of her players which was higher than any other coach as she was envisioned as the toughest coach in college basketball. Candace is never humble while discussing the ways that Summitt altered her life by guiding her how to not only lead her team, but how to lead her family. To this day, Parker continues to remark on the reputable works of Pat Summitt. With her passing just a year ago, hours before Candace Parker took the court to defeat a fellow WNBA team, it was evident that the difference Pat had on not only Candace, but the world, far extended the game of basketball. She is still envisioned in the shadows of every basketball court, as her way of coaching is being passed down to the current generation of ball

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