Herb Brooks: A Great Coach

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Herb Brooks was an American Ice Hockey player and coach. Although he was a great player, people will always remember him for his coaching style. Herb Brooks was an incredible leader; he saw in his teams what many could not see. In the 1980 Winter Olympics, Herb Brooks put together a team of college kids to take on the best hockey team in the world, The Soviet Union. This dramatic win was dubbed the “Miracle on Ice” and is still remembered as one of the greatest moments in sports history. Great coaches do one thing better than most, they know how to win, but sometimes the wins are not what defines a great coach. Herb Brooks had a vision and he pushed his players to the max so they would believe that they had what it takes. The following qualities are what made Herb Brooks a great coach. As stated earlier, Herb Brooks had a vision, he was able to see something in his players. He looked at people’s potential and what they could become. He did …show more content…

If we were to look back, the leader or coach we respect most is the one who pushed us to be that greatest that we could be. Although we did not like being pushed at the time, being told we could give more is often what teams need in order to succeed. Herb Brooks pushed his players to believe that they had greatness within them. His players, including many other people did not believe at first. But his players later came to believe because their coach believed. Good leaders push, and leaders that push, win. Herb Brooks is the definition of a good leader. Herb Brooks is an American coaching icon. The qualities previously listed are what made him great. He believed what no one else believed, and accomplished what no one else could accomplish. Brooks coached multiple teams in the NHL but did not have as much success as he had on the international stage. Herb Brooks had an impact on millions of people and helped people believe that anything is possible if you are willing to work for

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