Why Is Red Auerbach Important In Sports

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Alphonse Catanese
Mr. Scanlon
English 12 Section 2
25 February 2018 Red Auerbach The Boston Celtics franchise has been a part of the National Basketball Association(NBA) since 1949 when the Basketball Association of America(BAA) merged with the NBA. They are the most successful franchise in NBA history. They have accumulated 17 Championships total including 8 consecutive from 1957 - 1966. They earned 9 championships thanks to the expert coaching of Red Auerbach. Red Auerbach is one of the most renowned coaches in the world. He was nicknamed “The Coach” and this is what they called him every time they saw him. He was very popular and starred in many commercials. He was also very smart because he always knew which …show more content…

They were both truly the glue that held this franchise together. Auerbach and Bill Russell have always gotten along and they are not only player and coach but they are also great friends. One day Red said “Russ, loyalty is a two-way street. I can't expect my players to fight for me if I won't fight for them.”(Friedman, para 2). This shows the loyalty these two icons have for each other. That is most important when running a basketball team Chemistry.
If your team is clicking on all cylinders than your team will be successful. The coach that is going to sit there and not give the same loyalty and respect to his players as they give him will not be successful. Respect goes a long way and Red and Bill really know how to show it. Red is one of the most respected men to ever coach in the NBA. Red was also a character because he was in many commercials and many people loved the way he smoked his …show more content…

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