Dikembe Mutombo Accomplishments

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Who else has dedicated their personal time towards the community and the public society? Dikembe Mutombo has lived out a number of the eight Beatitudes recorded in the Bible. By being generous to the community of the Congo and following example of God. Mutombo not only dedicated his time to play NBA, he helped out the Congo community and donated a lot of money. Mutombo always had a great dedication to learn more about God and devoted most of his time to humanitarian work. Mutombo's great achievements lead to incredible success in his NBA life and onwards. Mutombo's series win had changed his life. It gave him a sense of belief that if you have a strong will and if you have a strong faith, you can complete what you want. Mutombo wanted to build…show more content…
Mutombo’s commitment as an NBA player has been exceptional shown by his great leadership and commitment to society. He lives his daily live by living out the Beatitude of ‘’Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God’’. Mutombo lives out this Beatitude because he gives out his time and dedication to the Congo community but he never expects a reward in return. Mutombo is definitely generous with his time and money towards others. Mutombo is one who would give his personal time and money towards others. For example he worked closely with the youth in his home country and help build a hospital in his mother's name to improve the health care system and quality of life in the Congo. Mutombo made a lot of money in NBA with a net worth of $75 million dollars and has given a lot of money to charity. Through his humanitarian work he has helped so many low income families and people who were really poor and sick. He always loves improving the Congo community and giving out his time and effort with his heart. Mutombo goes to church regularly on Sundays and worships God. Dikembe Mutombo has made a new partnership between the Church and the DMF ( Dikembe Mutombo Foundation) which promises an additional water source for the Mutombo hospital and research centre. In a country where most people need to walk five kilometres for water this source of water will be a useful addition to the hospital system. This is another…show more content…
Mutombo lives his daily life by living out the Beatitude of ‘’Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’’. He lives out this Beautide daily by praying for others and giving the Congo children a better life. He volunteers a lot of his free time to help the sick and the poor. Mutombo is a fabulous role model to Society and hopes that one day his motivation and his performance on and off the NBA court will inspire the young children of the Congo, not just as a basketball player but as a role model to society. The mortality in parts of Africa is bad where adults and children succumb to life-threatening disease. Mutombo said “I just pray our participation maybe is the beginning of the road to recovery’’. Dikembe Mutombo wants a better society with fewer people dying of preventable diseases and a more stabilized country with less

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