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Cameron Newton is a Professional football player who plays for the Carolina Panthers. He was the first round draft pick in 2011. He was also named MVP of the 2015 NFL season and he helped lead his team to Super Bowl 50 in 2016. Cam was born May 11, 1989 he started playing football at age 6. He grew up in the middle of three brothers in downtown Atlanta in a small house. He is a very generous human being and always gives back to where he came from. This is another reason why he is my hero. And I want to be like him. He cares for his family and community that he grew up with. He hosts camps and teaches little kids that want to be as good as him or better. He teaches kids and tells his story of how he did it and how he went through some rough …show more content…

And how he patched them up and kept on working. As he says “ hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” meaning that if you don’t work. You will lose what you have and people that work for their position and do extra to make themselves better will soon pass you. And then they will be getting the scholarships. This is why Cam is a Hero to me. Cam Newton led his Tigers to a National Championship game in 2011. The season was rough but at the end it was all worth it. They ended the season 14-0(8-0 in SEC Conference). The National Title game was on January 10, 2011 the game was against the Oregon Ducks. The game was well fought and both teams were playing the hearts out. The tigers took the win 22-19. Cam threw for 278 passing yards with one interception. One of the best games of his college career. This game was Cams last game as a college athlete. In the 2011 Football season Cam threw for 2854 total career yards, and rushed 1473 yards. He won this with hard work and pure talent. He is a true role model and a hero to me. Cam Newton was the number one draft pick in the NFL in 2011. Every team wanted a quarter back like cam. He was a Heisman trophy winner and an all …show more content…

He is always giving a hundred percent no matter if his team is losing or winning. He is a follower of Jesus Christ, which makes other ones believe in our God as well. Cam doesn’t just think about himself. He also has football camps for everyone to go to. He goes to schools and gives motivational speeches to young kids. He has respect for all kids even ones who are not as gifted as others and who may have something mentally and physically wrong with them. “On and off the field, Newton is also redefining what it means to inspire kids, including kids with ADHD. Since his rookie year in 2011, whenever Newton scores a touchdown, he has given the football to a kid in the stands. By some estimates, he’s given out more than 50 footballs so far” Cam has received, thank you letters from kids with ADHD and hearing aides saying that every time the Panthers score a touchdown, they feel like they can do that too. Cam has done so much for kids who have nothing. Including going into a Dicks store filled with school children with no money and who would not be getting Christmas presents and he gave each kid 200$ to spend for their family! How amazing is he? on and off the field. A true man and

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