Tragic Hero: A Short Story

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Kj has always been a wild spirit. When told he could not do something, he did it anyways. When told he would not amount to anything, he proved to all who doubted him that he could do it. When told that something is dangerous, he would go for it anyways, because to him, it was better to try then to wonder “what if”. He has been through so much in his life that would drag a lot of people down and cause them to stop trying, but he never gave up. Even when he was told by doctors, therapists, and evaluators that he could not do the things he has done, he still rises above it and crushed their expectations for him. He is strong, determined, wild, care-free, and a perfect person to keep by my side during an apocalypse. From an early age, after his …show more content…

His personality is the opposite of mine and it would be a perfect yin-yang combination for the two of us. He is very in the moment, where as I am a think ahead type of person. He is very careful and cautious but if something where to happen he would fight while I thought of a quick way to get us out of a situation. Say the zombie apocalypse happened, and there was a group of zombies coming after us, he would be the one of the two of us to quickly attack and fight them off, where as I would fight to find a way out and find a way to survive without dying or becoming injured. Kj would fight through for the both of us. If there were a situation where there was a chance to go through and fight or go around and possibly run into a different problem, he would go towards the problem at hand instead of risking to going around, and running into another issue. If something were to happen and we were going to gather materials, he is very crafty and would make weapons, tools, and use materials other people would not think of. He would find things that would be blind to other people’s eyes, even mine. He would find resources that other people left, and use them for something they originally weren’t intended

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