Peer Leadership Reflection

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In the course of the year, due to the Peer Leadership program, I feel much more motivated. At the beginning, I was insecure and unable to carry out the responsibilities successfully. Many times I found myself out of place and expressing myself was a challenge since I did not feel confident. But I have been able to feel part of a group for the first time in a class at school. I can share with other peers and unwind more easily in front of them and out of class as well. It has impacted me in a great way in skills such as optimism, confidence, creativity, commitment in each assignment, among other benefits. I have used the activities I have learned in the program in other extracurricular activities such as after-school clubs. In the different outreach with the freshmen. The roles that I felt most comforted with is ... On the other hand, there are others that have cost me more. For example, take the initiative in the activities we carried out, and give opinions on the reflective questions of the various activities we did in a group. However, in spite of everything I am sure that little by little I will improve and I will …show more content…

He is braver than me more open to others, socializes easily, and is not afraid of the obstacles. On the other hand, I am definitely reserved and introvert. However, I am grateful that he was different than me because of it was not for his help and support I will not have been able to get out of my comfort zone. Indirectly he impulsed me and made me realized that there was nothing to be afraid of. In the beginning, I did not feel that I was helping him totally. Fortunately, together we decided to alternate our responsibilities in the outreaches so I was able to be more comfortable in the future outreaches. I grew as a leader and I stop fearing and feeling anxious. As mentioned before our different personalities and the Peer Leader program helped me be more courageous and open to

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