Reflective Essay: The Value Of Team Leadership

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Team leadership encompasses many things. It may seem like a simple and small task, but in a real sense, it is complex and comes with responsibilities, and commonly, it determines the success of any team or a group. However, the value of teamwork should not be overemphasized considering that all organizations need individuals and personnel who are willing to share ideas, listen to others and contribute to the problem solving of any given group or a company. Team leaders should have the ability, authority, and power to analyze data and information with a team of people with a common aim and objective as well as issues. The leader should understand the dynamic patterns, the connections and relations between paramount factors in these objectives, aims and issues that help in the analysis process. On the same note, a team leader should be efficient and effective in the provision of guidance, instructions, direction and leadership to his or her team for …show more content…

On the same note, visionary leadership is more into the future which rhymes effectively with ambitions of most of the members who have dreams of becoming innovators and scientists shortly. This leadership style fits with my personality since have qualities such as:
Good communicator- as a visionary leader I should have the command of the language and be a good communicator with excellent communication skills. With these skills, I can verbalize my dreams and goals and clearly explain to my team what we need to do to achieve our dreams.
Risk- taker – as a good visionary leader should be a risk taker and have the willingness to gamble on what I believe in. Being a risk taker, I can take intelligent risks that capitalize on prime conditions by taking smaller steps into the futu5re before finally making bigger

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